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This section has some freebies to help with your journey to be a healthier you in a supportive, non-judgmental way that allows you to learn from yourself & possibly others along with fostering growth in a way that resonates with you & brings you joy! 

In this section, you will find free downloads to help support you in your health & wellness journey!


Explore how to create healthy habits and how to change current habits. This challenge looks at:

  • Getting More Movement

  • More Fresh Air

  • Eating Your Meals and Snacks Mindfully

    • Incorporating More Fruits and Vegetables (Rainbow)

    • Drinking More Water

  • Getting Enough Sleep

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7 Day Food & Mood Journal image.png

7 Day Free Food/Mood Journal

A food and mood journal is more than just logging
the foods you eat. It’s a way for you to make
observations about the connections between the
foods you eat and how you feel both physically and

Download this FREE 7 Day Food & Mood Journal today!

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