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Healing begins in a supportive, non-judgmental space that allows you to learn from yourself and others along with fostering growth in a way that resonates with you and brings you joy!


In this section you will find memberships, classes, dispensaries and more to help support you in your health & wellness journey!

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Healthy Living Recipes Monthly Membership

This is a monthly membership provided through Practice Better and That Clean Life. This has been designed to make eating healthy, easy and delicious from breakfast to lunch to dinner and every snack in between.

This membership comes with the following :

1) Weekly meal plans

2) Recipe guides

3) Weekly shopping lists

4) Breakdown of the nutrients

5) Blank templates

Everything at your finger tips that will invigorate your taste buds and your family's while provide all the nutrition you and your family need!!

Herbal Medicine

Supplements with a 20% Discounts

These are high quality practitioner-grade supplements at great prices made available here to better support your wellness journey.

This offer comes with the following :

1) Free to set up an account

2) Free Refill Reminders

3) Free Auto-ship set up

4) Free Wellness Education

5) Recommendations from a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist/Certified Health Coach


No cost unless you purchase the supplements-- then they are direct shipped to your home plus NO SHIPPING COSTS OVER $50!!

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