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Researching and Writing

5 Elements Coaching
Research Development Group

(Also known as 5 Elements Coaching RDG)
This will be the non-profit section of 5 Elements Coaching LLC, where research will be developed and conducted along with more... 


Current News-

Recruiting for Volunteer Research Group One... taking resumes by email -

Once an email with a resume is received an informal chat will be scheduled...

If interested, click the email address link above to send a professional resume along with a bit about you/your interest in the research group!!

***Coming Soon-

Non-Profit Status- PENDING (4-6 weeks from 03/10/2023)

Will be working on Non-Profit Board soon.


Once the non-profit is approved, the IRB status will be applied for, which again will open positions for the IRB board.


All this will lead and allow for crowd-sourcing, grants, and awards for completing the research and paying the research groups!!

So any and all assistance to getting to that point will be greatly appreciated!!

Overview of Group Requirements:


We aim to understand the complex ways in which what we eat influences our brain, mood, mental health, and gut health. We will build a team of researchers from various backgrounds, studying the food-mood and gut relationship at multiple levels.

Our research will be focused on expanding the vital research in the new field of Nutrition, Mental Health, and Gut health to discover risk factors and develop solutions to mental health problems and gut healing using dietary and nutritional strategies. We hope you find our work as fascinating and meaningful as we do. We would appreciate your support in finding solutions to these leading causes of disability and suffering – please keep reading to find out more.

5 Elements Coaching is looking to create Group 1 soon to start working on a few projects that have been in the works...


  1. Researcher/ Screener

  2. Research Writer/Researcher/Screener

  3. Article Editor/Shredder/ProofReader/Writer

Individuals considered for these positions must submit a professional resume to  for consideration. These are non-paid opportunities currently, with hopes of obtaining grant funding under a non-profit umbrella eventually. However, being published is an excellent addition to one's professional resume. 


  • You must have a Google account and private access to Google documents because all group work will be conducted out of one Google document, and everyone will have access to the group's folder.

  • You must be able to dedicate time because these reviews may take months to a year; therefore, commitment and patience will be essential. 

  • You must be able to make monthly meetings once every 4-8 weeks.

  • You must be able to make deadlines and be flexible with changes that may occur during the process.

  • You must complete all assigned duties and be turned in before each meeting date for group review. 

All study proposals are secondary research, aka systematic, scope and literature reviews or intervention protocols. Currently, no clinical trials, case series, or case studies as they need IRB consent. However, the goal is to be able to do IRB studies and beyond, along with case reports, but it takes small, steady steps to get to that point, so starting the journey with what can be done and accomplished with your help now! 

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