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  • Linnette Johnson

Healthy Living Recipe Monthly Membership- Enchilada Casserole- That Clean Life....

Just added this Enchilada Casserole (photo from That Clean Life) to my Healthy Living Recipe Monthly Membership Program...

It is delicious... made it for my family Friday night... and I have a picky tween eater... and they even loved it... this meal is soy free and my spouse helped me to make it gluten free with homemade tortillas... only 7 ingredients and 30 minutes for a yummy dish for all!

I have been making recipes like this through "That Clean Life" for over two years... for myself and my family plus with clients for meal plans for individuals to families of 8+ , along with educating others on meal planning and cooking... for just as long..

It's a software program created by dietitians and nutritionist like me.. Please note: That Clean Life develops, creates, tests and photographs every recipe then provides this great service to healthcare professionals similar to me... I don't believe non-healthcare workers will want to pay the fees hence offering the monthly membership at $21.99/month....

I decide to do this Healthy Living Recipe Monthly Membership service be

cause why should healthcare professionals only have the healthy choices for recipes... hence working to get these options to the masses... plus it allows me to upload my own recipes that are tried and true... all credit is given where it belongs..

Hoping you all join in on these delicious recipes at your finger tips no matter if single or a large family... the serving number is adjustable... and I may hope is that other's are able to enjoy the Healthy Living Recipe Monthly Membership as much as I do and my family does...

Hope you check out my website at -- today!!

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