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  • Linnette Johnson

How to Use Mindfulness For Weight Loss

Starting a weight loss journey can be difficult in and of itself. You are facing the reality of your current weight, where you want to be, how much you want to drop, and how long that journey will take. This can be overwhelming and sometimes can derail you before you even begin. If this sounds like where you are right now, consider using mindfulness practices to help. If you aren't sure where to get started, here are some how-to tips to help.

Accept Your Journey

The first way to use mindfulness for weight loss is to accept your journey. This may sound either far too easy or like something you could not do in your life for your situation. This is actually an easily attained step, that takes some time to work on and develop. The idea is that you should sit down and begin listing the things you like or are happy with about yourself. Determine what your end goal is related to the things you do and do not want to change. Realize what your real weight loss goals and journey are and accept that this is where you are but this is not where you will stay.

Find Your Triggers

Mindfulness, journaling, and meditation can help you find your triggers. You may wonder why this is important. The triggers that send you into anxiety, stress, or depression can also trigger you into unhealthy eating habits that move you into a situation of gaining weight. Once you start to find your triggers and stress triggers, you can begin moving those toxins from your life and working toward a more positive outlook and healthier choices that help with your weight loss.

Mind Map Your Goals

Instead of just jumping into a weight loss journey, consider using mind mapping to sort everything out. This will help you sort out the related thoughts that come up with your weight loss journey, what your obstacles are, and how you want to go about handling them. Once you begin this mapping you can find a better starting point for your goals and see milestones along the way of your long-term journey. This can help you remain focused and see when you have hit achievements that you normally would have overlooked.

Mindfulness can bring several benefits to your weight loss journey, including staying positive and believing in yourself. You will also find that you are more focused and centered on the task at hand, which will in turn help you reach your goals.


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