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  • Linnette Johnson

National Curves Day- End the Stigma

National Curves Day, celebrated on the second Wednesday of October, honors plus-size women and men around the country. This year, it falls on October 12. There’s something for everyone in terms of fashion, beauty, wellness, fitness, networking, and branding. Top designers, famous models, bloggers, editors, media insiders, and influencers worldwide are among the guests. The party is a chance to flaunt your curves while boosting your confidence. Embrace the day and your curves with confidence, no matter your style, and look for patterns that fit you!


Back in the 1800s, a curvy physique was considered desirable. Things changed in the 1900s, according to Dr. Lauren Downing Peters. As the technology evolved and it was no longer necessary to order clothes, mass production meant fewer people with different body types could get the garments they desired. Originally, stout wear was split from the rest of the sizing to solve our community’s buying issues, ranging from businesses not carrying larger sizes to salespeople delivering poor customer service.

The first purely plus-size shop was on the market in 1904. Lena Bryant (aka Lane Bryant), already well-known for her ability to modify mass-produced garments and create personalized lingerie, established a business in New York City. A maternity outfit, which was deemed controversial at the time, was ordered by an early client.

Because of this, Zak (KSecret Dunbar-Bell), Creative Director and C.E.O. of Jon Marc Collection, established National Curves Day in 2015 to encourage women (and now men!) to appreciate themselves precisely as they are. National Curves Day was established as a worldwide non-profit (COED) social organization in 2016, representing inner serenity, confidence, and love for oneself and others. It was created to inspire plus-size women to appreciate their bodies and be more self-confident, but it has now been broadened to include males.

National Curves Day celebrations started in 2015, urging women to embrace all things plus while reinforcing efforts to end body-shaming. Along with the movement’s expansion, the need and desire to empower men confronted with hurdles in defying society’s conventions grew.

NATIONAL CURVES DAY TIMELINE 1920 Lane Bryan’s Clothing Line Lane Bryant begins selling clothing aimed toward the "stout lady." 1980 Plus-size Apparel of High Quality Marina Rinaldi is one of the first high-end clothing lines for plus-size women, developed by Max Mara. ​ 2015 First National Curves Day The second Wednesday in October is National Curves Day for the first time. 2017 Nike Collection Nike launches a plus-size collection of sportswear to include more people.


What is considered plus-size? According to PLUS Model magazine, plus size is defined in the fashion business as sizes 18 and above, or sizes 1X-6X, and extended size 7X and up.

Is it true that plus-size people are obese? Plus-size does not imply being overweight or obese. Having a more oversized physical frame while maintaining a healthy body weight is possible. In addition, the optimal body weight and size vary from person to person.

Is being a plus-size person healthy? Although experts believe that you may live in a larger body and still be fit and healthy, this does not rule out the possibility that weight plays no part in the complicated tale of some diseases.


  1. Share it on social media. Make a post about National Curves Day on your social media platforms. Talking about this day on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help spread the news.

  2. Participate in a plus-size fashion show Our clothing, like our bodies, comes in various forms and sizes. Attending a fashion show will keep you updated on the latest trends in plus-size clothes, and it's entertaining to stay up with the latest trends.

  3. Wear something red Red symbolizes having confidence. It's also a day when individuals around the country are urged to wear red to demonstrate their support for plus-size men and women.


  1. The Plus-Size market is hit. The plus-size fashion market will be worth more than $200 billion by 2027.

  2. Dresses by Nordstrom Nordstrom provided less than 9% of all dresses in plus sizes.

  3. Spend more money More than 80% of plus-size women believe they would spend more money if they had more wardrobe choices.

  4. Wear men’s apparel to work out Almost 40% of plus-size women work out in men’s clothing.

  5. 70% of plus-sized women are ignored Almost 70% of women say that the fashion industry ignores plus-sized women.


  1. It boosts confidence We've all felt uneasy about our appearance at times. The great thing about National Curves Day is that it reminds men and women who have a little more to love that their bodies are beautiful and should have confidence in it.

  2. It contributes to the normalization of plus-sized models look For many years, fashion advertisements solely showcased ultra-slim models. National Curves Day is an incredible moment to recall that these curvy models more realistically portray what men and women look like.

  3. It’s a fun cause to unite around. Everyone, regardless of size, can celebrate the message. Let us work together to eradicate body shaming and instead appreciate the variety of forms and sizes that human bodies come in.


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