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  • Linnette Johnson

Overdose Awareness Day- August 31st

International Overdose Awareness Day- August 31st

End overdoses, remember without stigma those who have died, and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind. It's a time to remember and a time to act.

The goals of International Overdose Awareness Day are:

  • To provide an opportunity for people to publicly mourn loved ones in a safe environment, some for the first time without feeling guilt or shame.

  • To include the greatest number of people in International Overdose Awareness Day events, and encourage non-denominational involvement.

  • To give community members information about the issue of fatal and non-fatal overdose.

  • To send a strong message to current and former people who use drugs that they are valued.

  • To stimulate discussion about overdose prevention and drug policy.

  • To provide basic information on the range of support services that are available.

  • To prevent and reduce drug-related harm by supporting evidence-based policy and practice.

  • To inform people around the world about the risk of overdose.


I have been touched by the addictions of loved ones and I have lost loved ones to the use of drugs...

I REMEMBER and it's part of why I started on the journey I am currently on... It's why I teach nutrition and integrative therapies in recovery houses and rehabs along with why my practice is geared toward mental health- sobriety, depression, and anxiety.

It's a journey and one that needs a community for support ... no one should be alone on this journey!


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