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  • Linnette Johnson

Say No To Resolutions-- Say Yes to Learning How to Stay Motivated to Maintain Your Health Goals

Happy New Year's-- It's 2023, and every year millions of people set "resolutions" at the start of a new year. Are you one of them?? However, did you know that you don't have to wait until it's a new year to make the changes needed for a healthier you??

Please note no matter how you come about a change, it is not a matter of willpower, restrictions, or all-or-nothing idealism, but it boils down to your motivation because new habits for a healthier you can begin at any time. So, as this new year starts, allow yourself the motivation to get fit and healthy for YOU! It’s easy to want to get to the gym and change your diet completely, but if it's not for YOU, that motivation magic you have in the new year doesn't last.

So if you decide to take the plunge this New Year because of the hyped-energy that makes you feel like "you’re all in," ready for this, and you love every second of it due to the newness-- GREAT!! However, once your motivation is gone, it's easy to fall back into old habits. While it’s OK to take a day of rest or to indulge in those amazing donuts you love so much in moderation, you can’t let your lack of motivation change the way you feel about your health and wellness goals.

If you feel your motivation isn’t there today or two weeks from now, try these tips to motivate you to maintain good health. Also, remember you can start and restart anytime, and however often you want or need to...this is about YOU and your health & wellness goals!

Let's dive in on the various ways you could stay motivated for the long- haul...

Don’t aim to be perfect.

Getting healthy does not call for perfection. And while none of us wants to fail, you’ll inevitably mess up now and again because you're human. The best thing you can do is pick yourself back up again. Letting go of perfection also means being willing to refine your goals along the way and tweak them if needed.

Be positive towards yourself.

If you have gone a while without exercising or eating healthily, this is okay, and you should not feel bad about yourself or guilty. Regardless of your current lifestyle, you can create new habits and positive changes for your well-being. Having positive self-belief is so important. Believe in your ability to change your health habits or any other aspects of your lifestyle you want to.

Set Small Goals

You have a big goal, but you must break that down into smaller goals you can achieve over time. You feel motivated when you have more than one goal to check off your list. Here’s a good example. You want to get fit and healthy, lose weight, and look amazing on a tropical beach vacation in six months. That’s your main goal. You break that goal down into smaller goals. Perhaps you want to hit the gym four days a week for at least a half hour, and maybe you want to eat 80 percent healthy food and allow yourself 20 percent of indulgence food.

Write those down and cross those smaller goals off every day. If you work out for 30 minutes that day, check it off your list. If you eat all healthy food that day to save your indulgence for a movie date this weekend, check it off your list. Each time you achieve even the most minor goal, you feel much more motivated and positive about your life.

Find Accountability

Find someone to make you accountable. This is a person you need to check in with each day. It’s embarrassing to admit to someone you failed simply because you felt lazy or didn’t want to. You’d much instead tell that person you met your goals for the day, which keeps you motivated. Let their disappointment motivate you to stay accountable.

Do meal prep

Success in the health department comes whenever you do a little prepping. Meal prepping can be as simple as cutting fruits and veggies each week. You can also spend one-day making healthy meals for the entire week. While this can take up a lot of time, it keeps you from eating out and could save you money.

Exercise the way that suits you

It can be hard to stay motivated to exercise if you have no time or don’t enjoy it. There are plenty of ways to fit exercise into your daily routine without sacrificing doing something you enjoy. Small changes such as walking or cycling part of your commute, exercising on your lunch break, or boiling the kettle can help you fit exercise in even when you don’t think you have the time. Again, you don’t have to make significant changes; little habits over time can make all the difference.

Get enough sleep

Getting at least 7 to 8.5 hours of sleep a night can help keep you motivated throughout the day as you will have more energy to do what is essential to you. By combining sleep with a balanced diet and exercise, your body will have more energy. Increased energy levels can help motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle and other aspects of your life. It is worth the time to prioritize yourself. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help improve your mood, concentration, mental health, and overall well-being.

Your body will change if you can change your mind, which is why your motivation level is so important. What works for you might not work for others, and vice versa. You should try a few of these to see if they work and eliminate what doesn’t make you feel more motivated. It's okay to adjust and allow healthy habits into your life that fit you right here and now!

If you are reading this-- would love to hear what you want to do to be a healthier you in the comments or by email - I will respond. I always do!!


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