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Monthly Recipe Club

The reason for offering these recipes as a club is so that everyone can have access to thousands of recipes that will invigorate your taste buds, support your mental health along with meeting your family's needs while providing all the nutrition that may be needed!!  

Healthy eating for one's mental health and overall wellness doesn't have to be confusing or overwhelming hence providing these recipes at your fingertips any time of the day.  These recipes will give you access to healthy eating that is easy, and delicious from breakfast to lunch to dinner and even for every snack in between. This Monthly Recipe Club was created to help take out the guesswork on how and what is nutritionally healthy along with shopping lists and so much more. 

So, below I have arranged for everyone to be able to join at a low monthly cost. I truly believe everyone should have access to the best and these are some of the best recipes available!

This is possible due to Practice Better which is a HIPAA complaint system that will allow you to register and make sure your monthly membership continues seamlessly. The other component of this membership is the ability to partner with "That Clean Life" (image to the right) which allows for seamless programming for over 1000+ recipes, shopping lists, and more. 

This Monthly Recipe Club provides the following :


1) Weekly meal plans for each week of the month

2) Recipe guides for delicious meals at home

3) Weekly shopping lists to support the meal plans for each week

4) Breakdown of the nutrients in each delicious dish

5) Blank templates to design your own meals each week (should you wish to deviate from the provided meal plan)


This membership is easy to use plus you have the flexibility to change the recipes to fit with whatever may be happening within a given week or to something different just because. Or if you want to just run with it right out of the program and not change a thing, you can do that as well!


There is support in the chat feature on Practice Better for general questions.


Note:  Due to digital products being immediately accessible upon purchasing, no refunds of any fees or other amounts paid in connection with the product will be allowed under any circumstances.

However, if you decide this membership isn't for you, please advise in writing, and the service will be discontinued within 10 business days from the request to cease. 

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