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Support Your
Mental Health Today 

Through Nutrition & Coaching
So That You Feel Like Yourself Once Again.

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Getting the Support YOU Need Without the Stigma

Most of us are well aware of the benefits that eating a balanced diet has on our physical health.


However, do you know how it benefits your mental health? 


Research shows that foods have an impact on our sobriety,  depression, and anxiety.


You may also be dealing with:

​Fatigue | Brain Fog | Skin Issues | Body Aches & Pain | Joint Pains | Bloating

The list goes on!

Here's another fact... it doesn't have to be done alone!

Eating foods that support brain health and gut health can complement other therapies and approaches you’re using to manage your mental health symptoms.

By working together we can create a wellness plan that includes supportive foods, supplements/herbs, and individualized holistic therapies that are free of stigma, body shame, and dieting to get you closer to your goals. 

Remember, we're all unique, and there is no one else like YOU!

Begin your unique journey today by clicking the button below to "book a free discovery call today"!

Woman Stressed

“I cannot say enough amazing things about 5 Elements Coaching. Linnette has been an invaluable resource in helping me to take control of my health again after years of struggles with Hashimoto's, PCOS, and liver issues. The wealth of knowledge, kindness, understanding, and patience is unparalleled. Initially helping me, she's grown to help my entire family as well. I feel so much more confident in feeding my finicky toddler and that I am providing him proper nutrients. 5 Elements Coaching isn't just personal guidance, it's an entire family experience and I am forever grateful.”

- C. Beck

How we can help you

 Support for Mental Health- sobriety, depression,  anxiety & more

Relieving fatigue, skin issues, body aches & pains plus more

Adopt a Healthy Relationship with Food and Body Positive Lifestyle

Set Sustainable Health & Wellness Goals

Personalized Nutrition & Coaching Plans

Article Features, Guest Podcast Appearances & Published Papers- Click an image to see what 5 Elements Coaching has been up to! 
Podcast- In The Clinic
PrePrint Published Paper
Published Case Report
Podcast - The Shift Health Coach
PrePrint Published Paper
Published Paper
5 Elements Coaching Featured
5 Elements Coaching Featured

Hello ...

I am Linnette. I am the founder of 5 Elements Coaching and a Clinical Nutritionist + Coach for mental health. I am passionate about supporting adults with sobriety, depression, and anxiety, along with relieving fatigue, skin issues, and body aches & pains associated with mental health through healthy eating and developing a better relationship with food, mind, and body.


Throughout the years, my business has grown, but my focus has always remained consistent; helping and supporting people through body-positive weight-neutral restorative therapies.

“My session with Linnette was positive and supportive. I felt she diligently reviewed my questionnaire and was well prepared to discuss my nutritional practices. She offered suggestions that were client driven.”


“Linnette is amazing!! I look forward to continuing to work with her .”

- V.W.

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