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Healthy Food


All services are geared toward supporting mental health by lessening stress, educating, and even healing- ​fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, body aches & pain, joint pains, and bloating through healthy eating and developing a better relationship with food, mind, and body. 

Please note that these are self-pay except for the nutrition + coaching section, which is self-pay, or two specific health insurances are accepted!

Healthy Morning

Nutrition + Coaching

Click the button below for nutrition + coaching, which incorporates several of these other services-- self-pay or insurance!

Woman Baking

Monthly Recipe Club

Click the button below for recipes, meal plan examples, shopping lists at your fingertips for a low monthly payment!

Self-pay Only!

Herbal Medicine

Supplement Service

Click the button below for Professional Grade Supplements- where you can choose yourself or get general assistance from a nutritionist and so much more! 

Self-pay Only!

Nutritional Functional 

Lab Services

Click the button below for Functional Lab Service options. There will be 3 services- coming 2023! So, keep a look out...

Self-pay Only!

Scientist using microscope

Nutritional DNA Analysis Services

Click the button below for Nutritional DNA Analysis options only. This is an up-and-coming area. Hoping to bring this service in 2023- so keep a look out for more information soon!

Self-pay Only!

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