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  • Linnette Johnson

5 Ways to unlock your inner Intuitive Eater

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Hello! I am so happy you're here. We all have an intuitive eater inside us, but sometimes they need a little help being discovered. These are just five ways I work with clients to help them unlock their intuitive eater and find where food and flexibility meet in their lives. So, jump right in - take time to reflect on the challenges and reach out to me with any questions.

1) STEP OUT OF DIET CULTURE and into food freedom. The diet industry should not control your food beliefs. It's time to make peace with all foods, feel satisfied with your food choices and begin to form new behaviors promoting self-care.

Challenge: record where you experienced diet culture in action this week, and how your inner intuitive eater may re-frame those messages.

2) STEP OUT OF THE DIETING CYCLE and into your inner cues. The initial break of the cycle is the scariest and most liberating. When you start listening to your innate body cues (hunger, fullness, rest, stress, joy...), you learn what you need to respect and take care of your body.

Challenge: listen for your hunger/fullness cues before and after 2-3 meals this week and record what you noticed.

3) STEP OUT OF SELF-SABOTAGE and into self-compassion. Intuitive eating is a constant practice. There is no such thing as a perfect intuitive eater. Use compassion and understanding when you come upon learning opportunities during your intuitive eater journey.

Challenge: acknowledge 3-5 learning opportunities experienced this week and how you used self-compassion during those times.

4) STEP OUT OF FOLLOWING and into instinct. Learn to challenge the messages our inner food police tell us to follow. Only we know what we enjoy eating. Only we know if we are hungry or full. Only we know what will satisfy our body at that exact time.

Challenge: be confident in your food choices and challenge food police thoughts at least one day this week and record what you challenged.

5) STEP OUT OF COUNTING and into living. Focus less on numbers and more on behaviors. Less counting and math, and more joy and appreciation.

Challenge: remove any tracking or counting from at least one day this week and record how you felt.

Please let me know what you thought once you are done with your reflection on the challenges. I would love to hear how you felt after completing these five tips!

Looking for more? Head to my website ( to schedule a free discovery call to become one step closer to unlocking your intuitive eater.

Also, connect with me here or on Instagram (@5elementscoachingandmore), or on Facebook (@5elementscoaching), or on all 3 social media outlets for more content like this....


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