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  • Linnette Johnson

Article-Fat people aren’t scared of exercise – they’re sick of being shamed by gyms

Full of articles today again... This time of year there is that "New Year, New Me" resolution or that burning need to join a gym (slight reference to the article) .. but let me ask you-- what is wrong with the old you?? It's gotten you to where you are today... so this Nutrition Counselor/Health & Wellness Coach isn't jumping on the bandwagon to push anyone to make a resolution or to change themselves for what society dictates as the norm...

I am to the point of challenging that norm... and wanting to challenge everyone to just love themselves just the way they are.. because when we are body positive we aren't shaming ourselves or others... we are respecting ourselves and others... then the true growth happens which leads to healthy habits naturally.. like getting more sleep, drinking more water, moving our bodies in ways we feel good and eating more vegetables/fruits... we even will have more energy and focus for things that don't entail counting calories, or restricting foods etc..

So I hope you truly love yourself this year and every year after and allow that to shine out to others... lifting one another instead of judging...

Article here


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