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  • Linnette Johnson

Article about "Diet Culture Is Unhealthy. It’s Also Immoral." -

Part of the article-

"This past fall, my daughter, at 20 months, became fascinated with her bellybutton. At every chance she got, she began lifting her T-shirt to joyfully point it out. The inference that Mama and Daddy had bellybuttons too was not far behind, and neither were further exploration efforts. But when she lifted my shirt, I could feel myself sucking in my stomach. I felt shame — and ashamed of my shame. And that’s when it hit me: I have to sort my head out, regarding my body, for the sake of my daughter.

My relationship with my body is, to put it mildly, fraught. I have not always, but I have usually, been fat. I have always hated that fact, although I have tried not to. I have been a so-called normal weight, by the standards of the draconian body mass index guidelines, only when I have been starving myself or eating a highly restrictive and often downright odd diet. Over the past year, I have lost nearly 50 pounds, prompted by a vague sense of obligation to shrink myself back down to size. As usual, the weight came off only with efforts so extreme that I hesitate to admit to them: Over the course of a month last winter, I didn’t eat for 17 out of 30 days."

Societies Diet Culture causes-

low self-esteem



obsessive-compulsive disorder

troubled relationships

impulsive behavior

This is why I have jumped off the merry go round.. why I work with others to correct digestive imbalances & supporting mental health with body positive restorative therapies...

We all need to reset our ideals of what true beauty is.. and it doesn't come what we look like... it really does come from the inside...


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