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Nourishing + Educational Resources

Diet culture information focuses on weight loss and quick fixes rather than overall health and well-being. Many fad diets promote extreme weight loss that isn't science-backed and cause results that aren't unsustainable and are harmful to your health.

These resources are geared toward supporting genuine wellness through science-backed educational components. The goal is to allow you to get curious and increase your understanding while lessening your stress and increasing your sleep and movement, along with developing a better relationship with food, mind, and body. 

We hope these resources will nourish your soul in a calm, safe space while giving science-backed educational information to support your physical and mental health journey in a sustainable lifelong journey.

Free Educational Guides

These resources are for you if...

  • You’re tired of food feeling complicated and stressful

  • You’re tired of food restrictions and the dieting/weight loss cycle

  • You’re tired of feeling like you need to change your body or lose weight to be happy or healthy

  • You want to support your health/blood sugars while eating in a way that you enjoy and that is sustainable

  • You want to improve your relationship with food and your body

  • You want to manage your food choices without a diet confidently

  • You want to bring the joy and satisfaction back to food

  • You want to cultivate food autonomy and health.

These resources are NOT for you if

  • You want medication/dosing management

  • You’re under the age of 18 (parental consent is a must)

  • You’re currently struggling with an active eating disorder

  • Your goal is weight loss versus learning body neutrality/body acceptance

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