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Practitioner Hub

This hub is a resource for practitioners from support to community to learning and more... There is a private Facebook Group that CNSs, Coaches, and Herbalists can join to gain support and accountability. The Research Development Groups are for those seeking experience and showing their expertise through published research. And more is coming... CNS Mentorship and courses, so join in and check back... 

Yoga Group

Free Practitioner Accountability Community

This group is to support, connect and create a community. Before you join, please be aware that we are asking for the following from all members-

*Commitment - If you intend to be a member, please commit to coming to meetings whether you have anything to discuss or not. Being there for your fellow members and providing support is as equally important as receiving support.

*The Facebook group is for active members only. Please post or attend a meeting to show your continued interest. Again a part of this is showing up and being present.

Current offerings so far:

  • Facebook for private interactions - Active Members Only!

  • Virtual Monthly Zoom Meetings are hosted on Fridays at 11 am EST  

**Please note these meeting times will change to 1 pm EST in September...

CNS Supervision

+ More

If you are looking for a CNS supervision option and more eventually... 
Click the button below to learn more... 

Research Development Groups

If you are interested in research or want to do more research ..
Click the button below to learn more...

MUIH Nutrition Students Only

If you are a MUIH nutrition master student needing their 3 required nutrition sessions... Please reach out by using the button below...

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