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  • Linnette Johnson

National Salmon Day

National Salmon Day is celebrated every year on October 8, as proposed by Chicken of the Sea.

Did you know that salmon is the second most popular seafood Americans consume?

The pink fish now has its annual day of celebration. The holiday is observed as a reminder of the health benefits that wild and packaged salmon provide. Eating fatty fish such as salmon is recommended twice a week due to omega-3 fatty acids. Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of mental health ailments like depression and anxiety.

So, are you ready to exploit this pink fish and satisfy your fish craving?


National Salmon Day was first celebrated on October 8, 2015, after Chicken of the Sea recommended the holiday. They then accepted a City of San Diego proclamation designating the day as National Salmon Day. The City of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, also proclaimed October 8 as National Salmon Day in honor of the strong legacy of salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. The holiday celebrates salmon's health, taste, convenience, and various recipe benefits. And it is observed in honor of wild and packaged pink fish.

Chicken of the Sea, founded in 1914, is a packager and provider of seafood. They not only offer a product line of seafood but also offer recipes to inspire seafood lovers. In 1984, the company introduced skinless and boneless salmon to encourage wider public adoption of fish as a healthy ‘new’ source of protein. In 2014, the company introduced a line of flavored salmon pouches. Chicken of the Sea has been committed to preserving seafood sustainability and is a co-founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.

How often do you eat fatty fish per week? Hopefully, twice a week, just as recommended by American Heart Association. Why? Fatty fish such as salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and research has shown that they can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. Moreover, research shows that omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent, delay, and diminish Alzheimer’s disease. Awesome. So, have you got your recipes and prepared your salmon? Because National Salmon Day is the day to make and enjoy the delicious healthy food of your favorite fatty fish.NATIONAL SALMON DAY

TIMELINE 1914 Chicken of the Sea Frank Van Camp founds chicken of the Sea (previously Van Camp Seafood Company) in California. 1984 Skinless and Boneless Chicken of the Sea is the first to introduce skinless and boneless salmon. 2014 Flavored Salmon Pouches Chicken of the Sea is the first to offer a complete line of flavored salmon pouches. 2015 National Salmon Day National Salmon Day is first celebrated on October 8.


How do you know if salmon is cooked? Gently press down on the top of the fillet with a fork or your finger, and if the flesh of the salmon separates easily along the white lines that run across the fillet (strips of fish fat), it’s finished cooking.

Should you bake or fry salmon? Baking salmon is the healthier option over pan-frying because it doesn’t add extra fat or calories to the fish, as long as you cook it with simple seasonings.

What happens if I eat undercooked salmon? If you eat raw or undercooked salmon, you risk being infected with bacteria and worm-like parasites.


  1. Cook the salmon There is nothing better to do to celebrate National Salmon Day than cook and eat it. Prepare and cook the salmon based on your favorite recipes, and get the health benefits later.

  2. Spread the word Most of us probably don’t know about the health benefits of salmon. So, spread the word about this pink fatty fish so more people can benefit from it.

  3. Try Chicken of the Sea recipes. The Chicken of the Sea provides featured recipes for healthcare food services on their National Salmon Day toolkit. Try the recipes — Spinach Strawberry Salmon Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing, Salmon Quiché, and Salmon Bisque.


  1. New England started it. In 1840, New England first began canning salmon.

  2. It has various nutritional advantages. Canned salmon has various nutritional benefits, such as omega-3s, protein, vitamin D, and calcium.

  3. It is versatile Canned salmon is a quick and inexpensive choice that provides the same excellent health benefits as fresh fish.

  4. It is not to eat daily. Despite the health benefits, you can’t eat it every day because it will increase the possibility of rising mercury levels in the blood.

  5. It is high in sodium. Canned salmon is incredibly high in sodium, and consuming it daily can increase the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.


  1. Salmon has many health benefits. The celebration of National Salmon Day reminds us of salmon's health benefits and mental health support! More people need to know about this.

  2. It is delicious and versatile. Sure, the reason salmon has become the second most popular seafood consumed by Americans is that it’s delicious. Besides, there are several ways to enjoy it. We can roast, pan-fry, broil, or grill it.

  3. It can lower the risk of heart disease. The heart is our vital organ. Knowing that consuming salmon can lower our heart disease risk is a relief.


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